Tunnel Ventilation System Design

Tunnel safety management is a key goal for owners, autorithies, users. Through a Life Safety approach that passes through numerical calculations, comparative analyses, risk analyses, it is possible to minimize costs and maximaze the safety.
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Support for architect's work

Cantene is the partner of the main architect’s firms in Italy for what concerns the Fire Engineering. Through the performance based approach, Cantene supports architects in the identification of the best solution in terms of mechanical ventilation and means of egress.
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Railway stations

Cantene developed the Fire Engineering studies of the main high velocity railway stations in Italy.
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Pedestrian Flows

The evaluation of pedestrian flows is fundamental for big atriums, stadiums and arenas. Cantene is partner of GAE Engineering and of MES architects for the study of the means of egress at Roma FC stadium.
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Pedestrian Flows

Advanced movement simulation combined with high-quality 3-D animated results, gives you reliable answers quickly. Through pedestrian analyses it is possible to identify bottlenecks and ways not used. In this way, it is possible
to optimize the means of egress.
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Cantene was founded in 2007 by 5 professors of the Energy Department at Torino Politecnico and two engineering companies based in Torino and specialized in the design of mechanical and electrical equipments for infrastructure and tertiary sites.

Cantene is specialized in the use of numerical codes in the field of Fire Engineering and, more in general, of the Thermal Science applied to ventilation and energy plants.

Cantene is the distributor of Thunderhead Engineering solutions for the Italian market: Pyrosim and Pathfinder.

  • Tunnel Ventilation System Design
  • 1D Analyses
  • CFD Analyses
  • Smoke Control – Pollutants dilution
  • Pedestrian Flows
  • Risk Analysis
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Gronda di Genova
Genova – Italy

Cantene developed the project with Ferro Ingegneria, Amberg, Luca Stantero for Spea Engineering (ITALY).

Unipol Tower
Milan – Italy

Cantene developed the project with
Gae Engineering (Torino) for MCA Architects (ITALY).

New Rome AS Stadium
Rome – Italy

Cantene developed the project with
Gae Engineering (Torino) for MES Architects (USA).

Ivrea Carnival
Ivrea – Italy

Cantene by pedestrian analysis supports the safety plan optimization with
Gae Engineering (Torino) for Storico Carnevale di Ivrea (Italy).

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