Egyptian Museum

  • LOCATION Torino
  • CLIENT Egyptian Museum

Cantene supported the recent redevelopment of the Egyptian Museum’s ground and underground floors, developing Fire Safety Engineering (FSE) activities with GAe Engineering (Eng. Giuseppe Gaspare Amaro). Through fire (CFD 3D) and crowd dynamics simulations, it was possible to verify the safety objectives of the building in the new configuration resulting from the architectural redesign. 


Cantene’s team created a 3D model of the entire building, including furnishings and fittings. A simulation of exodus on a typical day was carried out from the crowding data obtained from the museum data history, making it possible to determine the time visitors take to evacuate the building. The team also performed a series of CFD fire simulations on the ground floor to verify that smoke did not spread through the stairs, rising to the upper floors and interfering with visitor evacuation. It was verified that visitors did not come into contact with the products of combustion (ASET/RSET verification). 


Properly combined, the simulation results provide a quantitative input on the level of risk exposure of visitors in case of an emergency, returning a rigorous reference to evaluate the goodness of the identified solutions, both from an architectural and fire strategy point of view. With the contribution of Fire Safety Engineering, the revision of the Egyptian Museum’s fire safety plan was successful.