A building, a tunnel, a crowd: we build models to understand their complexity and tackle complications.

Cantene was founded in 2007 at I3P, an incubator of innovative technological enterprises located in Turin by five professors, engineers and mathematical analysts of the Energy Department at Torino Politecnico and by two engineering companies specialised in the design of mechanical and electrical equipment for infrastructure and tertiary sites. We work in a multidisciplinary team alongside architects, civil and mechanical engineers in order to share the advantages of a performance-based approach in all the design solutions.

Cantene is a center for the development of numerical applications solving thermal issues in civil, industrial and infrastructural fields, like tunnels, metro, high rise buildings, shopping malls, and arenas. We’re specialized in Fire Safety Engineering (FSE), an alternative solution in fire safety, especially in confined spaces and, more in general, in Thermal Science applied to ventilation and energy plants.

Cantene’s background comes from the shareholders' experience in the 1999 Mont Blanc’s tunnel fire investigation analysis. We use Computational Fluid Dynamic, Tunnel Ventilation System design, Smoke Control – Pollutants dilution, Pedestrian Flow and Risk Analysis. Cantene is the distributor of Thunderhead Engineering solutions (Pyrosim and Pathfinder) for the Italian and Hungarian market. We have strict transparency policies: Cantene innovates to guarantee high quality consultations and technological products to our customers. We nurture excellence by returning our values to our territory, and in this way giving back what we received.


Michele Fronterrè

general manager

Paolo D’Angella

FSE & aerodinamic & fire tunnel specialist

Elena Caccherano

FSE Specialist

Rugiada Scozzari

aerodinamic & fire tunnel specialist

Eris Prifti

FSE Specialist

Jesus Alberto Mejias Tuni

FSE Specialist

Simone Calcagno

FSE Specialist


Romano Borchiellini

Full Professor Energia
Dpt. Politecnico Torino

Marco Masoero

Full Professor Energia
Dpt. Politecnico Torino

Vittorio Verda

Full Professor Energia
Dpt. Politecnico Torino

Amedeo Manuello Bertetto

Aggregate Professor
Dept. Politecnico di Torino


Since its foundation, Cantene has been working with the Energy department of Politecnico di Torino to improve numerical modelling:

  •  in industrial thermal processes regarding dryers, industrial ovens, heat exchangers;
  • in the Acoustic industry, for what concerns acoustic insulation of innovative windows and glass facades.


Since 2018, Cantene has been working with the Fire Safety Engineering department of Lund University to improve:

  • the techniques for risk analysis in tunnel ventilation system and fire protection design;
  • the knowledge of people behavior in high density spaces in case of crowd crush;
  • the knowledge of the crowd dynamics in a pandemic scenario.


Cantene commits on the territory by returning the values and the ideals on which it is founded, by investing resources to encourage excellence in education in all grades, and to promote culture. Corporate responsibility to us means:

  • Providing internal programmes for employees: Cantene offers courses in Tunnel Ventilation system design and in DEM modeling, both in English and in French;
  • Taking care of younger students. Cantene supports a primary school in its neighborhood;
  • Promoting excellence in higher education. As an active member of the Einaudi College Foundation assembly, Cantene directly supports the institution with scholarships and fundings. Collegio Einaudi, whose some of our team are alumni, is the most prestigious University college in Italy, a pole of excellence in higher education. We share and sustain those values of quality;
  • Promoting excellence in cultural environment, by donations to the Regio theatre in Turin.




Cantene was born from a vision: to put on the market the excellence of computational fluid dynamic modelling. Since then, we nurture an exchange with scientific research uninterruptedly. We study complexity in order to predict every ordinary or emergency scenario.



We have experience with the most widespread models: we know how they work. Cantene is reliable. We work alongside who builds buildings, work spaces and great infrastructures. With our project design, we guarantee the safety of spaces and people’s health.



Our business offer is focused, highly specialised. We are specialists skilled in Computational Fluid Dynamics that we apply to fire engineering, safe building and crowd management. With our expertise, we consider ourselves the best in the field.



We face challenges. We work together with worldwide clients, for a very international presence. We adopt a strategic approach and design infrastructures all over the world.



We’re always evolving. Together, we’re a young, open-minded to change team. We’re driven by an inexhaustible passion for discovery. Thanks to partnerships, research and internal development, we constantly move forward in our industry.



We don’t consider doubt as a variable. We’re rigorous in data analysis and meticulous in the restitution of the results. Through our powerful workstations, we process terabytes of data every day.



We’re fast in any response, prompt in finding solutions. In Cantene, we’re ready to manage every situation. We know emergencies and we face complexity, in order to achieve results with the maximum effectiveness.


With an extended portfolio in Italy, Cantene’s expertise also travels across the world. Europe, Middle East, South America: our strategic approach helps international clients in handling emergencies. We have a very long experience in ventilation systems design: in metro lines and stations, from Denmark to Scotland, from Brazil to Saudi Arabia and in tunnels, in Chile and Slovakia. We carried analyses to guarantee safety in normal and emergency conditions in facilities in Denmark as well as in a mall in Serbia. Our presence is strong in all the planisphere, so if your problem is in the further corner of the world, and you need any compute, we’re the right company.


If you are an engineering company or a general contractor, Cantene, with a large experience in international projects, is your partner in the design of tunnel ventilation system and of safety solutions in infrastructures, like a metro or a tunnel. We’re also leaders in crowd analysis, the basis of your emergency plans for concerts, parades and carnivals. Our expertise in fire management through Fire Safety Engineering offers design solutions in tertiary, industrial and logistic buildings across Europe. We optimize industrial processes for global relevant clients as Pirelli. Cantene will study the complexity of your problem, understand and solve it, no matter where it's located.