Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS) was developed by Fire Research Division at Building and Fire Research Laboratory (BFRL) of National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), with Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT). It is a finite element code allowing to determine the evolution of combustion products in confined spaces characterized by low Mach number by solving the Navier Stokes equations.

Cosmol Multiphysics™

Comsol Multiphysics software is used to simulate designs, devices, and processes in all fields of engineering, manufacturing, and scientific research. It’s a simulation platform that encompasses all of the steps in the modeling workflow: defining geometries, material properties, and the physic that describes specific phenomena; solving and postprocessing models for producing accurate and trustworthy results. Through the interfacing products, it’s possible to integrate simulation with other engineering and mathematical software used in product and process design.


Breeze ExDAM ®

Breeze ExDAM® (Explosion Damage & Injury Assessment Model) is a unique, efficient 3D explosion consequence modeling suite that allows users to predict injuries and damages resulting from the detonation of high explosive and vapor cloud explosions. It provides fast and accurate means to calculate structure damage and personal injury due to overpressure (OP), dynamic pressure (DP), and impulse (IP) distributions.

IDA Tunnel

IDA Tunnel is a comprehensive road and rail tunnel ventilation and fire simulation software. It simulates road and rail tunnel design projects, including a full range of ventilation and fire design tasks. Results can be animated in the context of a full 3D representation of the tunnel network. It includes libraries about climate data, PIARC data related to the vehicle’s pollutants.


Aspherix® is a highly scalable CFD DEM modeling software. With DEM modelling technique (Discrete Element Method) it’s possible to simulate the dynamic of granular materials (sand, wood pellet, cereals), in order to estimate kinetic interaction between particles and thermal interaction with hot/cold fluids that flow through the particles. Aspherix offers a highly efficient solver, HPC capabilities, a large variety of shapes, contact models, millions of particles, mesh cleaning, moving meshes. Particle technology improves your processes design in the chemical industry, to leverage your value added up to 40%. It’s also possible to improve industrial dryers and ovens, saving energy in high intensive processes like building raw materials (sand) in construction industry. In food and agriculture industry, it’s possible to optimize all steps of agricultural engineering: sewing, harvesting, storing and processing of seeds, grains, crops and other products.