Unipol Tower Milan - Italy

Cantene developed the project with Gae Engineering (Torino) for MCA Architects (Italy).

Through a performance based approach, Cantene supported the Fire Protection Design developed by Gae. The activity was multidisciplinary involving the MEP department and the architects.

The Unipol tower is a 21 stores building. It is characterized by a big atrium extended from the base to the top. The architectural design foresees a time variable story’s configuration. In general, each story can be open or close to the atrium. This requirement has a big impact for what concerns the ventilation design and the smoke control in case of emergency.  CFD analyses allows to evaluate smoke propagation toward upper levels and the effectiveness of the complex fire protection system designed (activation logics, passive curtains system, airflow rate etc). Ventilation fan capacity is optimized through the iterative execution of a huge number of CFD simulations. ASET/RSET verification was done.

Means of egress was verified through a pedestrian analysis performed on the entire building.