Crowd Dynamics Analysis for the Madonna Concert

  • LOCATION Milan, Italy
  • CLIENT Unipol (ex Mediolanum) Forum

Cantene developed the crowd dynamics analysis for the Madonna concert held in November 2023 at the Unipol (formerly Mediolanum) Forum in Assago. The Forum had undergone a renovation project, based on which the exit route system from the floor to the outside of the building was rationalized to increase floor-level crowd capacity. Since the configuration for Madonna’s concert differed from what had been previously verified during the development of the performance report approved by the competent authorities, a specific analysis for the new configuration was necessary.


The objective of the analysis was to identify any critical issues related to the event setup during the evacuation of the attendees after the concert ended. The Cantene team monitored density, evacuation time, and time spent in line to confirm the maximum allowable crowd density of 2.5 users/m², as identified in the renovation project, and the configuration regarding the division of PIT areas and the exit route system. The most cautionary scenario, which assumes the simultaneous evacuation of all participants at the end of the event, was developed using Pathfinder™. The evacuation time, excluding the pre-movement time (4.4 minutes), was consistent with the results obtained from the previous analysis supporting the fire prevention project. 88% of users spent less than 3 minutes in line, and in all cases, the dynamically recorded density values remained within the threshold of 3.5 users/m², based on literature data.