Gronda di Genova (Italy)net of tunnels around Genova

Cantene developed with Ferro Ingegneria, Amberg and Luca Stantero the entire fluid dynamic study of the entire tunnel system using IDA Tunnel 1D code combined with CFD analysis performed by FDS.

That specialist activity supported the ventilation system design powered by Ferro Ingegneria for Spea Engineering.

The 1D analysis allows to design the system both in normal and in emergency conditions. The methodology is summarized below:

  • According to the traffic emissions specifications coming from PIARC, a minimum value of airflow rate is identified;
  • The value is used in the first run of simulation on the entire 1D model both in normal operation mode and in emergency operation mode considering the worst location evaluated on the basis of experience;
  • The process (points 1-3) is repeated changing the airflow rate in order to satisfy the 2 objective of safety (emergency and normal) at the scope to identify the optimized airflow rate.

The CFD + egress analysis allows to have an idea of the interaction between people and the combustion products in case of fire. The results are post procesessed and collected through maps that are the basis for the risk analysis (Luca Stantero specialist).