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Cantene has developed an approach to manage the epidemiological risk in places characterized by high-density crowd, taking into account the measures of containment for coronavirus disease (COVID-19) provided by the OMS: social distancing (1-2m among people, temperature monitoring, medical status, use of masks). Through a set of quantitative analyses it’s possible to increase the confidence on the corwd management policies to apply guaranting both safety&healthy and economical impact in particular on retail and business activities:.

  • transport system (confined areas) such as train and subway stations, airports full of commercial areas ;
  • shopping mall and the entertainment industry: cinema and theatres.

Management measures

Typical approach is to reconfigure spaces identifying unidirectional patterns for people in order to reduce the probability people has mutual interferences. This means:

  • to limit number of people (access control)
  • to monitor temperature of people entering
  • to create temporary routes
  • to manage queques

The new features in Pathfinder

The parameter  gives a good understanding of the potentiality mass gatherings, and the usage where in red is given the radius of 1m around the agent are reported below:

University cooperation

Cantene appointed Lund University to be supported in the rigorous definition of the problem.

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