CFD DEM modeling

Aspherix® is a highly scalable DEM software which offers a highly efficient solver, HPC capabilities, a large variety of shapes, contact models, millions of particles, mesh cleaning, moving meshes, stress analysis, wear prediction, 6 degree of freedom solver, powder compaction models, and much more.


Chemical: 40% of the value added in chemical industry is linked to particle technology. It’s possible to improve your process design to leverage your value added.

Construction: industrial processes of building raw material like sand are energy intensive. It’s possible to improve dryers, ovens saving energy, CO2 and money.

Food and agricolture: it’s possible to optimize all steps of agricultural engineering: Sewing, harvesting, storing and processing of seeds, grains, crops and other products.

Main features

DEM modelling technique (Discrete Element Method) makes it possible to simulate the dynamic of granular materials (sand, wood pellet, cereals), in order to estimate:

  • Kinetic interaction with moving parts like rotating drums and blades;
  • Thermal interaction with hot/cold fluids that flow through the particles.

University cooperation

Cantene appointed Politecnico di Torino (Energy Department) to be supported in the rigorous definition of the problem.

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